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In un periodo storico in cui tutto è già stato detto, scritto e suonato, questi ragazzi riescono a distinguersi nella massa di band emergenti - Gli HURRICANE ON SATURN hanno un potenziale smisurato.

Claudia Gaballo -

Sounds crazy right but it really works so, so, well! I cannot wait to hear more on them in the next few months – I reckon these guys could get pretty big!

Glenn Milligan -

saugt mich ein wie ein Strudel, in dem ich gerne ganz untergehe.

Erika Becker -

Sfacciatamente lungimirante e lontano da qualsivoglia modello statico, il lavoro d'esordio a marchio
Hurricane On Saturn brilla di luce propria e trasuda un'iconoclasta personalità in ogni singolo frammento di cui si compone.

Rock Hard Italy

HURRICANE ON SATURN ist es gelungen, Rap, Metal und Elektro (Pop) miteinander zu verbinden und Songs zu schreiben, die eingängig und dennoch abwechslungsreich und voller Ideen sind.

Beiträge von Birgit -

Killing Field is a dynamic, energy laden assault on the ears that this new and refreshing band have remarkably produced. They may not actually cause a hurricane on Saturn, but this record is ready to inflict a tsunami of excitement across the universe!

Claire Bannister - Powerplay Rock & Metal Magazine






Origin:  Central Italy


Genres:  Electronic, rap, metal, post-hardcore


Years Active:  2019 - Present



Hurricane On Saturn rose from the verge of the abyss in 2019 with a unique “out of genres'' approach combining epic EDM, EBM, larger-than-life rock, razor-sharp metal, provocative rap and furious post-hardcore with a strongly recognizable visual imagery and an inimitable lyrics style. The mysterious quintet known only as Dakm [Vocals], Maydx [Vocals], Antares [Guitars], Rastaban [Bass] and Chertan [Drums] struck the hard rock scene from the middle of nowhere with the self-produced debut album “Killing Field'' (2020) mixed by Evan Rodaniche (Cage9, Powerman 5000) receiving critical acclaim and described as a proposal out of any classification based on a never-heard-before mix between classic and modern influences. During 2021 the band published three brand new singles titled “Outsider”, “Crumbs'' with the participation of Hugo Ribeiro (Moonspell), and the last one "Dust Devils'' mixed at Studio Fredman with the legendary metal producer Fredrik Nordström. In 2022 Hurricane On Saturn set its return in the scene with the controversial hit “Monsters'' featuring Deuce (Hollywood Undead, 9lives) and announcing the deal with Wormholedeath Records for the release of the second album “φnx” (2023) which revealed itself much more than only a promise to explore further into the madness out of the boundaries of musical styles with even a darker and anger filled attitude. In 2023 the pure electronicore hit "I Want'' decreed the band’s definitive success scoring an astonishing 300k streams on Spotify and 160K views on Youtube in only five months. The band also made itself known for its high energy and engaging live shows playing at Pannonian Rock Festival in Croatia and various dates across Germany and Poland and its currently confirmed as support for U.S. band Galactic Empire for their tour date in Prague in November. 

For 2024 Hurricane on Saturn is also already confirmed at Rock Metal Camp in France and Masters of Rock in Czech Rep.



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